Rocket Piano Lessons
With Ruth Searle Teacher

Ruth Searle, Rocket Piano Video

Here is the rocket piano video for Rocket Piano Lessons with Ruth Searle as your teacher. Ruth Searle will personally teach you each video lesson. You can download one lesson per week or all 57 video lessons at the same time. Also included are 133 audio lessons and 3 fun learning software games.

Rocket Piano Lessons Ebooks

You get 3 piano lessons ebooks, the introduction, intermediate, and advanced studies books. In the introduction book, the beginner book, you learn about the history of the piano. You learn about the piano keyboard, and the notes on a scale. You find out how to play scales, chords, and arpeggios.

The Intermediate book teaches you more knowledge of music notation. You learn about key signatures and time signatures. The key signatures will tell you what sharps and flats are in each key that the song is played in. For each key, there is a specific order and group of sharps and flats that go with that key. The time signature shows you how many beats to a measure and what note gets one beat. Then you can play the 4/4 time signature. Then you can read sheet music. You learn advanced rhythms and chords.

The Advanced book teaches you techniques for songwriting, sight reading, improvising, and transposing to change a key of a song. You will learn how chords are built in different scales.

You also get 3 fun learning software games. Jayde Musica shows you how to read notes on the staves, the treble clef and bass clef. Chordinator helps you read chords on sheet music. Perfect Your Pitch Pro teaches you to recognize notes in listening by ear techniques. Then you can sing the notes along to the piano in harmony.

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