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Learn how to play piano online with free piano lessons and piano tips. Learn how to read music notes, chords, scales, and get piano course reviews. Have you ever wanted to learn how to play piano? It does seem a little different than other instruments. To play the guitar you can learn by fingering a chord chart. To learn how to play piano, scroll down the home page to the headline WE START WITH THE FINGERINGS. Then go to piano lessons on Lessons List on the menu. Start with the Keyboard page lesson.

If you want to learn online singing lessons, go to the page Learn How To Sing Then you can go to singing lessons.

The piano extends the chord chart and lets you play both the melody and the chords of an entire song. YOU CAN PLAY THE CHORDS IN YOUR LEFT HAND AND THE MELODY IN YOUR RIGHT HAND.

It lets you play just the bass guitar line and the melody. Play the bass line in your left hand and the melody in your right hand.


It helps you even become a songwriter with piano tips as you learn so much in piano lessons. A RECOMMENDED PIANO COURSE is Pianoforall

It teaches you both popular and classical music and helps you with secrets of piano technique and gives piano tips.

Another recommended choice of piano course reviews is Rocket Piano. Rocket Piano is the easiest way to learn how to play piano online with step by step instructions that are easy to follow. It comes with a set of audio, video, and ebooks and includes software. Check out Rocket Piano

Then you can pick up some sheet music online and store it on your computer or print it out as sheet music.

For newest songs, Sheetmusicplus has added the preview of single music titles and songbooks to its collections. You can have titles sent straight to your mailbox.

Britney Spears: "My Prerogative"

Cher and Christina Aguilera: "Burlesque Songbook"

If you prefer the traditional method of the hard copy sheet music book like Alfred's Adult Piano Course, go to Sheetmusicplus Piano Methods

piano methods



Your left hand as 5 4 3 2 1=THUMB and your right hand is THUMB=1 2 3 4 5.

Your thumb is 1 and goes to your pinky at 5. Before you learn notes you can play by fingerings. Start at middle C.

Middle C is where it says it is in the middle of the keyboard usually under the brand name.

Find the group of 2 black keys and the group of 3 black keys. Look at the group of 2 black keys. C IS THE WHITE KEY TO THE LEFT OF THE TWO BLACK KEYS.

Put your thumb of your right hand on C. This is playing fingering 1. Put your next finger on the next white key. This is playing fingering 2. Put your next finger on the next white key. This is playing fingering 3. Put your next finger on the next white key. This is playing fingering 4. Put your pinky on the next white key. This is playing fingering 5. Look at the white keys and you can play an entire melody using 5 notes with the finger positions of 1 ,2, 3, 4, and 5. Note that the 1 to 5 finger positions play the notes C D E F G.

Piano Tips

Play the 1, 3, and 5 fingers and you have played a chord. The chord is C major.

The fingers of the left hand can play the C chord. Go down an octave by going down to the left to the next group of 2 black keys.

C is the white key to the left. This time you can put your left hand pinky on it and put your other fingers on the next white key up to the thumb on the 5th white key.

Piano Tips

Play the 1,3, and 5 fingers and you have played the C chord an octave lower.

You can play the C as a bass note in your left hand and the C chord in your right hand at the same time.


Next, you need to know how the keyboard is formed-in OCTAVES.

An OCTAVE is 8 notes in a group.

The MUSICAL ALPHABET starts with A B C D E F G and then repeats the seven notes again. After G you go back at A and start over again. From A B C D E F G A

Piano Tips

From A to A is 8 notes or an octave.

It is beneficial to learn the C octave. It starts on C D E F G A B and ends on C. The last C is an octave higher than the first C.


Next lesson is the keyboard


Keyboards and MIDI at zZounds

Get the Beatles Complete Scores It comes with voice sheet music, bass guitar tablature sheet music, piano sheet music, and guitar tablature sheet music.

You can get a complete piano songbook for the Beatles. Beatles Best It has 512 pages.

beatles best songbook

You can get the easy piano version of this songbook.

Beatles Best 2nd Edition for Easy Piano It has 384 pages.

beatles best easy piano

You can get a shorter version of Beatles Easy Piano.

First 50 Songs by the Beatles You Should Play on the Piano It has 160 pages.

Get the digital sheet music for "The Story Of Us" - Taylor Swift

Next lesson is the KEYBOARD. Go to the LESSONS LIST


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