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How can I learn to read music? I can't read or write music. Period. I can't play any instruments either.

But I can sing. And I want to add to that.

How can I learn music without having to hire a music teacher? Answers appreciated

Following is my answer to the question. Original Yahoo Answers link for Ronlg with title How can I learn to read music?

Ron Leegee says

You can go to online learn music websites. Many give free music lessons. Whatever instrument you want to play, guitar, piano, or singing, you will be able to find basic lessons available online.

You have to be able to read music notes and sheet music if you want to sing. You will find enjoyment as you can read the notes of any song and sing them.

Learning music notation and another instrument to complement your singing can be found on free learn to play piano sites. Go to Yahoo search and type in easypianotips.com and you will learn the basics of music notation. Go to the lessons sitemap for the list of free lessons. Then maybe later, you can hit the notes of the piano keyboard and sing the same notes for some pitch training. You will be a better singer if you learn to read music.

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