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A reader to Yahoo Answers asks the question on piano music.

Which instrument should I learn?

I already play the clarinet, guitar, sing, and play a little piano but gave up after two years.

What instrument should I learn? I don't have any specific 'requirements', the only thing is it can't be massively expensive, but if you recommend me something please tell me WHY... Thanks!

Ron Leegee says

I see that you are accomplished at many instruments. You can sing and play guitar. That is good for singing and playing an instrument at the same time.

You can play clarinet too. Very good for songs like The Look Of Love. You can create a sensational mood and sound with clarinet. Or get the soprano saxophone shaped like a clarinet. Just ask Kenny G.

May I suggest you continue with the piano. Yes it takes more practice as you are learning two different charts at the same time as bass line and melody. You will become a better songwriter by learning piano techniques. Learn 25 OR 6 TO 4 by Chicago. It is so much fun to learn to play it.

You can learn songwriting by playing bass patterns and various melodies together. You can put chords to accompany the bass patterns as chord progressions.

One chord progression is I-xi-ii-V. In the key of C, it would be C, Am, Dm, and G. In the major scale, the 2, 3 and 6 chords are always minor, and the 1, 4, and 5 chords are major.

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