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Here are links to other sites. The piano site links give you an opportunity to explore other sites.

Duane Shinn is an online piano teacher.The Keyboard Workshop in Medford, Oregon offers a piano music online catalog. Go to his playpiano site for more details.

play piano

For specific piano courses by Duanne Shinn, go to the menu called Piano Ebook Links.

This musical instrument site sells new piano keyboards, guitars, and musical equipment. zZounds Musical Instuments

This site is offered as a one stop piano lessons and electronic keyboard education website.

Learn about music education and the violin. Go to all about violin

For free sheet music and piano lessons, go to true-piano-lessons.com

A source of piano lessons teaching the music theory basics underlying pop music keyboard styles. Go to musicarta.com

Want an Instant Chord Finder on your desktop? You can find any piano keyboard chord instantly with the Piano Chord Finder. It shows you all the chords as they are to be played on the keyboard. In addition, it shows the chords in music notation as it appears on the treble and bass clef. As you play the chord on the keyboard, you can see the chord in sheet music. You can push a button and see the root, first and second inversions. Push another button and see all 12 keys. Push some other buttons and you can see the type of chord from major to minor, sevenths, minor sevenths, and major seventh chords, and other variations such as 9ths, and augmented chords. Get it here. Get the Instant Chord Finder

Get advanced lessons at Pianoforall. Pianoforall has 200 videos and 10 ebooks.It comes with many audios in each ebook. Each book teaches you more advanced techniques such as those used by the Beatles. Go to Pianoforall

Another advanced course is Rocket Piano. Rocket Piano has a set of good videos, audios, and ebooks. It comes with a software package such as Jayde Musica which teaches you music notation sight reading in a game. It has Keycelerator which is a game that helps you to look at music notation and find the same notes on the piano keyboard. It has Chordinator which asks you to identify the chords in music notation. For all the software, go to Rocket Piano