Piano Ebook Links

Here are some useful links.

Duane Shinn is an online piano teacher. The Keyboard Workshop in Medford, Oregon offers a piano music online catalog. Go to his play piano site for more details.


Want to learn all about chords? Get it in an piano music online course called Exciting Piano Chords. It is written by Duane Shinn. It covers 39 piano lessons all in one ebook that you can download right away and read. It is over a hundred pages about all the chords and their variations and chord progressions. It even has audio files to listen to. Each chord is shown in a photo so you can see it as it is played on the keyboard. All the piano lessons come in this piano ebook called Exciting Piano Chords


Get basic, intermediate and advanced lessons at Pianoforall. Pianoforall has 200 videos and 10 ebooks. It comes with many audios too in each ebook. Each book teaches you more advanced techniques such as those used by the Beatles. Go to Pianoforall

Rocket Piano is easy to understand and follow. It has the basic fundamentals to the more advanced topics in step by step instructions. Rocket Piano has a set of good videos, audios, and ebooks. It comes with a software package such as Jayde Musica which teaches you music notation sight reading in a game. It has Keycelerator which is a game that helps you to look at music notation and find the same notes on the piano keyboard. It has Chordinator which asks you to identify the chords in music notation. For all the software, get Rocket Piano

Do you like to BROWSE? Browse the list of piano courses at sheetmusiplus. If you are the type of people who like to browse and shop around and compare different piano courses then go to sheetmusicplus. On the page there are ten different online piano courses with their descriptions. Then if you really like to browse some more you can go to the next page and another page after that until you find something you like a lot. BROWSE the list of piano courses at sheetmusicplus.

Piano Music Online Courses

Do you like to BROWSE some more? Browse the list of music at sheetmusicplus.com


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