As an online guide, I recommend the piano course Pianoforall. It has both traditional and popular music techniques. There are many helpful videos that show exactly what notes to play and what hand positions to use.

It comes with 200 videos that play with Quicktime. The ten ebooks that come with it are illustrated and have both audio and video in them. There are 500 audios. Note that you can play the videos outside of the ebooks in the video Quicktime folders.

Book 1 starts you off with great chord rhythm style piano like the Beatles, and Barry Manilow, and Lionel Ritchie.

Book 2 intoduces you to some blues and rock and roll rhythms like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard.

Book 3, lets you learn more chords and gives you the chord progressions of popular songs. It shows you inversions.

Book 4 gives you advanced techniques for playing chords and many more chord progressions of songs. There is a rhythm chart for many Beatles songs.

Book 5 gives you the basics of the ballad style.

Book 6 introduces you to playing jazz piano with chords, patterns and blues scales.

Book 7 gives you advanced techniques of jazz piano. It shows you how to improvise over blues rhythms.

Book 8 gives you the music notations for classical music. It introduces you to some classics.

Book 9 has the scales and practice exercises for different keys.

Book 10 resources book for songs and information.

I recommend Pianoforall the piano course for online learning

Pianoforall Get the complete course. You can buy individual books if you want. It is better to get the entire course together.

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