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Hi there. I am Ron Leegee, the ezinearticles author of How To Tell What Chords To Play When Not In Sheet Music. If an online piano course is what you are looking for, you can buy piano course and piano lessons.

I look and find some free bonuses in online piano courses. In Rocket Piano, you get a solid foundation in the basic skills to start to play piano, and then instruction on more advanced intermediate level theory and how to play popular songs. It is thorough and easy to understand in the 3 ebooks that come with it. In step by step instructions that are easy to follow, It has a set of audio, 57 videos and 3 instructional ebooks. In the video lessons each one is taught by Australian music teacher Ruth Searle and you see her personally show you what to do in each lesson.

That in itself makes Rocket Piano one of the most popular online piano courses. What I want to tell you about is all the free bonuses you get with Rocket Piano.

For the free bonus software that comes with this course you can consider getting it just for the software.

It comes with Jayde Musica which teaches you music notation sight reading in a game. It has Keycelerator which is a game that helps you to look at music notation and find the same notes on the piano keyboard. It has Chordinator which asks you to identify the chords in music notation.

Other software includes the following. Rocket Piano Metronome to keep time Perfect Your Pitch Trainer Pro-trains your ear to recognize different pitches and sounds

For all the free software, and easy to understand lessons, go to Rocketpiano online piano lessons

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