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A reader to Yahoo Answers asks about piano lessons online.

So, I took piano lessons when I was younger but I had to quit because I was so busy so I never got the chance to learn sheet music and I regret it. I can only play songs on the piano based off tutorial videos.

Ron Leegee says

I am glad you like piano so much that you are trying to learn some songs. Through videos you are able to view the note positions, and play the song even without sheet music.

Learning to read sheet music can be a longer task to complete, and watching videos can help you on your journey. With piano lessons online, you can view the notes to a song as they are played.

I found a online piano site that shows you piano tutorials of popular songs. It is called OnlinePianist.com



It has many videos of newest songs. It is fun to watch the newest songs as they are played on the piano as videos. The description of the website is as follows.

Learn how to play your favorite songs on the piano with free piano tutorials. It has an animated piano which the user can play to learn the notes of a song. You pick a song you like and choose either the beginner or intermediate version and then you can view the notes as they are played on the piano. Want to learn each section of a song at a time. Just replay the video.

You may prefer to read the sheet music to a song. At Musicnotes you can preview a song. At Musicnotes, you can download the musicnotes player and the song you choose to buy will be automatically downloaded to the music player. Open up the musicnotes folder to play a song. When you play the song, the audio will play the piano notes as they are on the song. You can see the chords and melody notes highlighted as you play the song. You can then print out the song as sheet music on your printer.

After you go to the videos, you may try to learn more sheet music. I have a learn to play piano website.


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