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A Yahoo Answers person asks if there are any online singing lessons available. You can buy online singing course. There is a website that provides you with a list.

She asks the following question.

Any online singing lessons?

I can sing really well but I stopped lessons. Im 15 and Im not a beginner but do you know where I can get online lessons with scales to practice with?

Ron Leegee says,

I would suggest Singorama, an online singing course. You can follow their training with the audio lessons. Included are 2 books. There are 28 audio lessons.

For example, in an audio lesson, you learn how to extend your vocal range. In another audio lesson, you find out how to read sheet music. The time signature, and the key signature are the important elements of music you must understand to continue your singing.

A bonus is the Mini Recording Studio which gives you a virtual piano to play with. It lets you record and play back your voice so you can study your progress. It is stored on your computer by files so you can easily find a piece you sang before instantly.

Another bonus is the Perfect Your Pitch Pro Software which lets you hear and sing the various pitches so you can match the tones of your voice with the pitches.

When you can read music notes, then you can sing with the piano in harmony and improve your pitch training.

Online Singing Lessons with Singorama
Go to the website. Or you can go search to another website with a list of online courses.

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