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Hi there. I am Ron Leegee, the ezinearticles author of How To Tell What Chords To Play When Not In Sheet Music. I found a free bonus tip for you.

For songwriting purposes, I wanted to find a site that has basic instruction in different instruments all in one site. I found that Instrumentmaster will help you learn both piano and violin. For orchestration, many Beatle songs have violins in the background of their songs.

I wanted to check out a site called Instrumentmaster to see if it did give you audio and video lessons and both PIANO and VIOLIN. I joined the site.

I found that that are audios and videos for each instrument, for PIANO and for VIOLIN.

I got an UNADVERTISED BONUS when I joined Instrumentmaster.

When I signed up for Instrumentmaster I was given additional audios and videos for DRUMS, BASS GUITAR, and GUITAR free.

As an independent reviewer, I was surprised. On my Clickbank receipt, the membership is called Instrumentmaster PREMIUM membership 5 Instruments Bonus. The email address for support is onlinepurchasesupportATgmail.

If you join Instrumentmaster in September, you should get the BONUS of audio and video lessons in drums, bass guitar, and guitar free.

Go to Instrumentmaster

After you join, you will be taken to the members area. There you will see all of the categories. They are in the following order.

guitar bass drums piano/keyboard violin music production music theory

Reasons To Learn Both Piano and Violin Basics in Songwriting

Want to learn piano and the violin too? There are advantages in learning two instruments such as piano and violin. If you learn piano you can play entire songs with their melody, chords, and bass notes if you want. If you play violin too or at least have the basic knowledge of it, you can add the viiolin to the voices as the background to the piano and know how to write the violin part in orchestration for songwriting. Many Beatles songs have the violin in the background of their songs.

If you want to learn the basics of drums, bass guitar, guitar, piano, and violin, join Instrumentmaster and they will give you as a bonus the videos for drums, bass guitar, and guitar.

Then you can be a better songwriter if you learn the basics of all the instruments.

So what are you waiting for. Get the UNADVERTISED BONUS now by going to Instrumentmaster


Then you go to more advanced lessons at Pianoforall. Pianoforall has 200 videos and 10 ebooks. It comes with many audios too in each ebook. Each book teaches you more advanced techniques such as those used by the Beatles. Go to Pianoforall

Another advanced course is Rocket Piano. It has the basic fundamentals to the more advanced topics in step by step instructions that are easy to follow and straightforward. Rocket Piano has a set of good videos, audios, and ebooks. It comes with a software package such as Jayde Musica which teaches you music notation sight reading in a game. It has Keycelerator which is a game that helps you to look at music notation and find the same notes on the piano keyboard. It has Chordinator which asks you to identify the chords in music notation. For all the software, get Rocketpiano


Have you tried to find a more in depth system to learn to play the violin. I found one such system provided by Eric Lewis, a member of the Manhattan String Quartet. It is called Violin Master Pro. The video on how to hold the violin is first rate and shows the quality of the videos here.

The Violin Master Pro program is the system online program that provides full documentation, video downloads, resources, and more all taught by a world class violin master. The violin is an awesome instrument and Eric Lewis will show you exactly why.

The complete Violin Master Pro learning system package includes tips and techniques on how to play the violin from the beginners point level to the professional point level of playing at the comfort of your very own home through the use of your computer. The member's portion or section is updated regularly bearing instructions, training on violin videos, tips and audios and certain documentations too. Find it at Violinmasterpro

Get the free BONUS now. Get it from Instrumentmaster

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